In a recent infographic, we explored the growing number of UK consumers who are taking holidays specifically to pursue their favourite hobbies/interests – and skiing is a perfect example of this.

Comprising of around 10% of winter holidays abroad, skiing and snowboarding holidays have proven to be a consistently popular choice for UK travellers.

But this raises an important question: which audiences are most likely to take snow holidays and what are they looking for in their getaways?

With the challenges facing the ski market for the upcoming season, including European laws affecting seasonaires, later seasons and competition, ski companies/tour operators are going to have to be more prepared than ever before when planning their marketing strategy for next season.

To help you prepare, we’ve created a new factsheet that provides valuable insights into this complex and lucrative sector. Beginning with a wider market analysis, including changes in industry spend, ski site web traffic and year-on-year market volume, we then identify the key terms customers are searching for before booking.

The research also takes a closer look at ski audience demographics, identifying their favourite types of ski activities and who they prefer to travel with, as well as their preferred destinations, resorts and accommodation types. Finally, we break down the average customer booking journey, analysing which resources consumers turn to when planning their holidays.

A sneak peek of the factsheet can be found below. If you would like to receive the complete version, please contact us today - we'd be happy to share our insights with you.