Last week, Accord and TripAdvisor teamed up to deliver a breakfast briefing session full of fresh travel research and expert marketing advice.

First to speak was Accord’s very own Planning Director Jasman Ahmad, who analysed the travel consumer journey and how it has become disrupted in recent years by the rise of digital media. With 2.4 billion minutes now spent on digital travel content in the UK (a 44% year-on-year increase), he stressed the importance of delivering a consistent stream of messaging across multiple channels to strengthen ad recall and increase the likelihood of booking.

This session was followed by an insightful presentation by TripAdvisor, who discussed how their platform can be used to help brands engage with consumers at different stages of the booking process.



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After a quick breakfast break, TripAdvisor’s Insight Team then talked to our clients about the latest available research in the travel sector, offering key takeaways and brand case studies. Commenting that 80% of holiday research takes longer than 4 weeks to complete, they emphasised opportunities to reach customers in the early dreaming and research stage.



Finally, to test everyone’s sector knowledge (and end with a bit of fun) we hosted a Travel Quiz, where STA Travel took home the top prize!

Client feedback has been extremely positive, with many commenting that they learned a lot about changing market behaviour and the need for stronger brand engagement.

We are looking forward to hosting similar client events in the future and already have our next one in the pipeline - so watch this space!

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