A lot has changed in a single generation; 20 years ago, Titanic was beginning to break box office records, Robbie Williams was number one in the charts and the ground-breaking Nokia 6110 was the biggest-selling phone of the year.

With no such thing as a ‘smartphone’ and the internet still in its infancy, we were mainly restricted to offline methods of researching and booking holidays.

Back then, destinations were brought to life by TV commercials, brochures and billboards. When one caught your eye, your only option was to either pick up the phone or go into a travel agent and speak to a real person (unimaginable, right?). The long, drawn-out process and information available was dictated very much by the sales agents handling the enquiry.

Fast-forward to 2018 and the digital age, where the path to purchase has not only changed but has been completely revolutionised. Today marketers must recognise and react to consumer behaviour that involves multiple devices, numerous touch points and the need for instant gratification. More importantly, the journey from looking to booking has become one of researching the options, considering the alternatives and negotiating the best rates.

But as marketers, we understand that long-term thinking is the key to establishing and driving brand growth. So, the question remains, “how to balance the two?”.

This is what I’m looking forward to speaking about to the attendees of the ABTOI conference in Ancona, Italy, on April 11th. I’m aiming to provide an insight into today’s consumer path to purchase, identifying the micro-moments that affect travel decisions and examining why short-termism is not all it’s cracked up to be.

During what promises to be a thoroughly interesting and engaging couple of days, I’m really looking forward to meeting all the other speakers and delegates at this year’s conference. To find out more about ABTOI and how to join, click here.

Written by Accord Planning Executive, Louie Sitwell.


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