Steve Trask becomes ZURB Foundation Certified

03 July 2014

Steve Trask is now ZURB Foundation Certified, becoming just the seventh person in the world to gain the highly regarded status.

Regarded as the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world, ZURB Foundation has quickly become the preferred choice of platform for designers, developers and teams; its cleanliness and organisation means that building products, apps and services can be achieved even quicker than before.

Steve, a Senior Creative Designer in our Barnstaple office, has been on a long journey to achieve this status; one which began helping people on the specialist Foundation Forum to troubleshoot and resolve specific issues relating to website design. Each time a hint is deemed helpful, he receives a particular amount of points. Once a person reaches 150 points, ZURB invites them to sit a rigorous 50-question exam in order to become Foundation Certified.

When asked about gaining qualification, Steve said: “It was very challenging due to the range of different issues people needed help with; there wasn’t a single part of the framework - new and old - that was not brought up in the problems.”

Earning Accord worldwide accreditation

Steve understands that his hard work will have a positive effect on the company, saying: “It gives reassurance to our clients to know we are experts and leaders in our field. The people at Accord have a great in-depth knowledge of all the different services we offer, such as responsive website design, Pay Per Click advertising and Search Engine Optimisation, and this certification certainly promotes this. It is also a good to see how we are connected to leading industry companies like ZURB, no matter where they are located in the world.” 

It’s this knowledge and dedication from our staff which will help Accord stay one step ahead of the game.