It’s no secret that the digital age has completely revolutionised the way people interact with each other and their favourite brands. 

For instance, if a consumer wants information on a particular subject or product, they simply have to make a Google search in order to find multiple sources answering their query in several different ways. This is particularly prevalent when it comes to travel. In fact, last year, UK consumers spent a staggering 2.4 billion minutes engaging with digital travel content, a 44% increase year-on-year.

Even more significantly, thanks to the phenomenon of multi-screening, the number of touchpoints consumers make when planning a getaway has also grown exponentially. In one instance reported by Google, one individual researching a holiday experienced 490 digital micro-moments over a two-month period. These included prices, flight times, sales offers, image galleries and reviews – all typically consulted and compared before making a final decision.

Hence, because of this shift, it is no longer sufficient to be “good enough” - content must consistently stand out from competitors or it will get lost amongst the overabundance of digital noise. To achieve this requires meticulous planning, real customer insights and an in-depth understanding of how the digital world has impacted today’s consumer path to purchase.

This week, at ABTA’s ‘Customer Insight in the Travel Industry’ conference, I will be discussing the impact that digital micro-moments can have upon potential holidaymakers, as well as how brands can better measure their impact as part of a wider marketing strategy. I will also be looking more closely at the role each media channel plays within the wider purchase journey - from the early dreaming stages, through to booking and advocacy.

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Written by Accord Planning Director, Jasman Ahmad.

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