We have taken a moment to reflect on our 2016 predictions, whilst making new ones for the year ahead.

Last year we predicted that 2016 was going to be an exciting one, and it’s safe to say we were not wrong! New trends in delivering omni-channel digital experiences, huge developments in analysis and business intelligence, and a serious shift towards customer personalisation have helped our clients to tap into new audiences and develop new revenue streams.

We have taken a moment to reflect on our 2016 predictions, whilst making new ones for the year ahead.

2016 Prediction: Renewed Focus on mobile Optimisation

We forecast that businesses must focus on mobile, ensuring that users receive an optimal and engaging experience, no matter what device they are using.  Mobile optimisation is already incredibly important for any digital strategy; a strong user experience on mobile webpages has been shown to increase conversions by as much as 160 per cent.

2017 Prediction: Mobile is Mandatory

Mobile optimisation is an incredibly important factor in any successful digital strategy - this is not news. However, going into 2017, brands must realise its importance or risk losing out. As mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches, if your website is not optimised for mobile, you are entering into 2017 seriously under-prepared.

2016 prediction: Content Remains King

We anticipated an even greater emphasis would be placed on personalised digital marketing. Through data collection, tracking and analysis, companies would likely be able to provide the right kind of content at the precise time that their customers want or need it.

Whilst ‘Content is King’ is perhaps a phrase that has been done to death, the idea behind this clichéd mantra should still be at the forefront of any 2017 content marketing strategy.

2017 Prediction: The User Reigns

Yes, content is still important, but producing content because you believe ‘Content is King’ is (and always has been) missing the point entirely. Users consume your content, users share and link to your content, and it is the user who is ultimately going to convert on your site.

For 2017, brands must approach content with a user-led focus and optimise their content based on findings from their own data, as well as industry trends. Find out what your users are searching for, what it is about your content that draws them to your site, optimise for this, and repeat!

2016 Predictions: Visual Analytics as Common Language

2016 was all about Big Data and its interpretation and application to successful marketing strategy. Our big prediction was that data visualisation would be paramount to making business intelligence more accessible.

We envisaged that our effective use of data visualisation through LOOP would allow us to empower our clients and co-workers to reach important conclusions quickly, collaborate more effectively, and in turn build a new kind of data-driven community. 

2017 Prediction: Modern BI is the New Normal

In this blog post, Tableau reveals that modern BI must become a top priority for all businesses. In their terms modern BI is “a move away from the IT-centric reporting platforms” with a focus on new analytics platforms.

At Accord, we expect big things from our purpose-built unique online data analysis tool LOOP, and predict that its usefulness in reporting both online and offline performance in near real-time is going to become invaluable to our clients.

2016 Prediction: Campaign Integration

For 2016 we expected that integrated marketing plans would become the norm.  With consumers accessing multiple channels in multiple ways, we recognise the importance of devising, designing and delivering joined-up campaigns that blended strategy, creativity, content, technology and meaningful insights. 

2017 Prediction: Brilliantly joined-UP Strategy

This will be the year of even more integration, collaboration and amplification.  To be successful, companies will need to focus on goals, audiences, messages and performance, not stand-alone tactics.  All underpinned by factual and measurable data.

To find out more about our brilliantly joined-up approach, contact us.