Age UK Mobility

Looking to increase their online web traffic, Age UK Mobility tasked us with delivering combined search activity.



Award-winning campaign

Two key objectives

Targeting mature audiences, these search campaigns needed to improve organic search rankings and maximise paid search lead generation in a more cost-effective way.

164% growth in organic sessions to the blog

The strategy

We regularly audited onsite health, backlinks and content whilst creatiing engaging blog content. To improve PPC performance, we reviewed existing match type data, introduced new phrase matched terms, and ran high volume Yahoo Gemini and Google Display Network content.


Aiming to gain more natural, high-quality backlinks, we produced a range of informative infographics, long-form guides and third-party collaboration evergreen content. Alongside this activity, we developed PPC ad copy that highlighted the client's USPs, using a combination of creative thinking and historical data identifying which phrases best encouraged click-through.

Clicks increased by 10,569

We are really pleased with the PPC and SEO activity that Accord has produced for us, which has grown our website traffic, improved organic search rankings and secured increasingly cost-effective leads. Accord has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to collaborating more in the future.

David Harrison - Sales and Marketing Director