Jordan Tourist Board

An integrated campaign for Jordan Tourist Board to raise awareness of tourist hotspots Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba – all unmissable sites.



The success of this campaign led to Jordan briefing Accord for 2016, but this time the objectives were to further increase awareness of the destination as well as drive visitor numbers.

An integrated campaign including new, impactful creative was key. Hero images showcasing key locations were used, all promoting strong calls-to-action, including price points.


600% increase in web visits



Our Approach

Utilising Accord’s integrated team structure with customers and planning at the centre, we started by selecting and analysing customer groups, assessing the competitor landscape and understanding which media influences who, when and how.

We then set about devising and designing a campaign that incorporated OOH, press, TV and social media. London Underground 16 and 48 sheets were used - showcasing the beauty of Jordan on a grand scale. Our press activity extended this reach even further, with ads appearing in the Daily Mail and Metro London, in addition to a high-impact cover wrap in the Sunday Telegraph.

To complement this offline activity, we launched a multi-platform social media campaign using the hashtag #ExtraJORDANary, which was incredibly successful in both the UK and Jordan itself. In fact, a member of the Jordanian Royal Family, who was visiting London, even used our hashtag in one of her tweets. 



4.4% increase in visitors from the UK year-on-year. A great result for any destination, but particularly impressive when you consider the current volatility of the Middle East.

Approximately 600% increase in web visitors during the campaign lifetime.