Accord’s ever-evolving recruitment communications partnership with Specsavers spans 12 years, developing and driving recruitment brand messages below and above the line across all media platforms.



A retail career with a difference

Specsavers launched a Retail Optical Apprenticeship scheme in the South West and it proved to be very successful in encouraging young school leavers in applying for a retail career with a difference.

When launching a similar scheme in London, Specsavers briefed Accord to raise awareness of the opportunities at Specsavers with “no experience required”, targeting an audience of 16-24 year olds.

3,441,581 overall impressions

6,325 overall clicks


Utilising social media, we targeted specific postcodes in London where the vacancies were live. The targeting was updated on a daily basis as new locations were added and when vacancies were filled. The Twitter campaign targeted 16-24 year olds across London and drove traffic to the Apprenticeship page on the Specsavers careers site.


Messaging was key so we used three different types of copy across both Twitter and Facebook which were served in newsfeeds and retargeting ads also on Facebook.

By implementing tracking on Twitter, Facebook and retargeting, we were able to establish that the “no experience required” creative proved to be the most effective in terms of clicks.

We are delighted with the results, and the campaign was such a huge success that it was extended to cover the whole of the UK.

Chris Howarth - Director of Professional Recruitment