STA Travel

A brilliantly joined-up campaign to promote their January 2017 sale in key locations across the UK.



One simple objective

STA Travel tasked Accord with designing and delivering their January 2017 sale campaign. The objective was simple: to sell more holidays.

Planning is key

Using the extensive planning tools at our disposal, we analysed their target audiences, the market and the consumer journey so we were able to understand which media influenced which customer and when. We learnt that for their target audiences - 18-35 years, students, backpackers and young professionals - personalisation was key.

Hence we planned a campaign involving eye-catching, colourful creatives that promoted various sales messages and strong calls to action.

Location, location, location!

These were located in high footfall areas that not only indexed highly with their target groups but were also located near an STA store. In addition, high-impact digital and static formats were planned on roadside, rail and Underground stations across the UK. Messaging was altered on a day-to-day basis, keeping the campaign fresh, dynamic and relevant.